PMC is an East Texas based family owned company.  Our services include preventative maintenance such as professional asphalt sealcoating, and corrective repairs, including pothole repair and crack filling. We work with both commercial and residential clients, performing work on surfaces from parking lots to home driveways. We strive to see our customers happy and guarantee satisfaction with the work we perform.

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Sealcoating an asphalt driveway prevents damage from auto fluids and weather. These fluids soften the surface and eventually cause breakage that lead to potholes and cracks. Oil and gas will inevitably fall onto your asphalt driveway or parking lot. While you can clean up the spills, it's far easier to protect your parking lot or driveway from this damage with seal coating. 

Once a crack or pothole forms, they will continue to grow if left unrepaired. Potholes can also lead to auto damage, leaving your drives uncomfortable due to vibrations that are from issues caused by repeatedly hitting these unrepaired areas.

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